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There are often rumors about co-stars not getting along on set, but the actors involved don’t always admit it. That was not the case for these two celebrities. When it comes to the Hollywood feud between Shirley MacLaine and Anthony Hopkins, they both shared what they thought of each other in a very straightforward way.

MacLaine and Hopkins starred in the 1980 film A Change of Seasons. The film is considered a failure both financially and critically, so perhaps that influenced his feelings about the experience as well. Either way, neither of them liked working together. Read on to find out what MacLaine and Hopkins have said about each other over the years.

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In A Change of Seasons, MacLaine and Hopkins play a couple who begin a romance, and then the four people involved spend a weekend together on a ski trip. The film received three nominations for the first Razzie Awards (or Golden Raspberry Awards), “honoring” the worst films of the year: Worst Actor for Hopkins, Worst Song and Worst Screenplay.

So many years later, it’s unclear when and to whom Hopkins gave that quote, but it’s been widely reported that he said of MacLaine, “She was the most obnoxious actress I ever worked with.” He didn’t detail what bothered him so much about his co-star.

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In a 2014 interview with the New York Post, MacLaine was asked about Hopkins’ comment. “I didn’t like him either, but he was on the wagon at the time and it was hard for him,” she replied.

MacLaine is referring to Hopkins’ struggles with alcohol. He was sober five years before the release of A Change of Seasons. “I do not have [drunk since] and I didn’t even feel like doing it,” he told The Sunday Times Magazine (via Mirror). “When I asked for help and realized I wasn’t alone, that there were thousands of people like me, all my fears started to dissolve. “

It could have been their different personalities that caused MacLaine and Hopkins to clash at the time. Hopkins talked about having an innate anger. “Anger, you start channeling it,” he told The Guardian in 2018. “I’m so happy to be an alcoholic – it’s a great gift because wherever I go, the abyss follows me. It’s volcanic rage. that you have, and it’s fuel. Rocket fuel. But of course it can rip you to shreds and kill you. So gradually, over the years, I’ve learned not to please people. I don’t have a temper anymore. I get impatient, but I try not to judge. I try to live and let live. I don’t get into arguments, I don’t offer opinions, and I think if you do, the anger finally starts to turn into unity.”

Meanwhile, MacLaine is known for being outspoken and standing up for what she believes in. “Even if I tell people the truth, I’m not a diva,” she told Variety in 2020.

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