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Some people pay attention to details, others don’t—and there are those who don’t pay attention to anything. Usually they are floating through life and only thinking about themselves. A careless person may seem like they’re just living without stress, but often the things they miss and the mistakes they make cause stress for those around them — or worse, hurt people’s feelings. While it’s true that everyone can behave carelessly at one time or another, how often this happens can be heavily influenced by astrology. Here’s a look at the most careless zodiac signs, from the slightly selfish to the notoriously neglectful.

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As the dreamy water sign of the zodiac, Pisces is often considered a loner. These sensitive boyfriends would rather get lost in their daydreams than face the reality of the real world. And while they don’t neglect obligations like work, school, and family functions, they are often in their own world, even when among other people. This can result in them acting carelessly even if they aren’t trying to be. Pisces also tend to keep their ears closed when it comes to criticism. Once they’ve made up their mind not to care about something, nothing can change it. They have their priorities set and anything that doesn’t fit on their list is considered a waste of time and effort for them.

Symbolized by the Twins and ruled by Mercury, Geminis are known for their sharp tongues and dubious personalities. Geminis can be everywhere looking for the next big thrill. They tend to intellectualize their emotions and can act without caring about others without realizing it. In many cases, they don’t understand how their approach to getting things done can upset others. Being social butterflies, they have access to all sorts of information. And while this air sign loves to make friends, Gemini can turn a dime and impulsively say or do reckless things. Other signs of carelessness in Geminis include chronic delay, habitual neglect of doing what needs to be done, and their constant fickleness in relationships.

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Aries is a cardinal sign, which means they are outgoing and opportunistic. They are also ruled by fire, which makes them impulsive and opinionated, which can often lead to a disregard for others. Aries has no interest in seeking external approval and resents having to respond to authority. In fact, the self-assured ram would rather go it alone than commit to anyone. They are the “my way or the road” type because they know exactly what they want and sometimes things get lost in the shuffle.

Confident in their abilities, Capricorns always believe that their path is the only one. Their inflated egos often get them into trouble as they will never admit they are wrong or there may be a better solution. They love to pursue opportunities and can be quite selfish in doing so. Capricorns are strategic geniuses who always play to win and this can sometimes hurt others along the way. Also, Capricorn will always choose the most efficient and practical option, with little regard for the feelings of others. In their defense, they actually believe they know best.

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Scorpios fight for power and control and can be very selfish. People often don’t like your careless attitude, but that doesn’t stop them. Known for their Scorpion sting, they have the strength and perseverance to face any challenge that comes their way. On their journey to power, they love to keep secrets and also spread gossip that will help their cause. They will never admit if they are wrong and will never accept negative feedback.

Sagittarius needs to be the center of attention and show the world around them their immense intelligence and creativity. The ruling planet of this fire sign is Jupiter, which encourages this sign to exaggerate when it comes to expressing their emotions. They can be smug and arrogant most of the time, having no limits in letting others know how they feel. It’s not uncommon for this sign to do everything about them. With their strong ego, deep need to shine and attract attention, it can be easy for them to do careless things without being aware of it.

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