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A pretentious person can always mention the Ivy League college they attended or just shop at fancy stores. These people are a bit snobby, whether it’s choosing a restaurant for a date or deciding who to be seen with, they can seem like they think they’re better than others. If you’re wondering why some people are more concerned about prejudiced things, astrology might give you some answers. Read on to find the most pretentious zodiac signs, from a little pompous to overly ostentatious.

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Aquarians take on airs without even knowing it, especially when they decide to withhold information. Hollywood astrologer Ryan Marquardt explains that this is because “Aquarius is a fixed air sign, which means they can be very stubborn with their opinions and the information they choose to receive or distribute.” These geniuses can act like they’re better than other people – and sometimes they think they are.

Marquardt warns that if this bright sign “does not learn to share their future insights with others, they will become a keeper of information, allowing only a select few to understand what is going on in any given situation.” Often this perceived gatekeeping comes from a deep fear of being wrong. Aquarians aren’t always pompous, it’s often just a toxic mix of intelligence and insecurity.

Sagittarians are known to be closed-minded at times, which can lead them to judge others, especially if they don’t understand their life experiences. This sense of complete conviction can lead to them being perceived as important. “They radiate wisdom, but they can also turn it into a weapon when they’re not careful,” explains Marquardt. “Sagittarius is rooted in a thirst for life experience, but if your life experience doesn’t match theirs, they can discount you quickly.”

Marquardt warns that if Sagittarius doesn’t learn to see other people’s perspectives, they can “become very dogmatic and other signs start to feel repelled by this kind of pretentious vibe.” It’s not that Sagittarians are arrogant, it’s that sometimes they can’t see the other side of a situation.

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Aries is often successful and wants everyone around them to know about it. But it’s not just that they’re talented, they’re also lucky. Marquardt tells us that since Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, “they usually have a strong sense of entitlement, even if they aren’t working very hard to get what they want out of life.” Marquardt also explains that they “don’t want to admit that they take shortcuts or find loopholes, and they don’t want to admit that other signs work harder.” Since they are unwilling to admit that they owe part of their success to blind luck, they may appear to be authorized.

This air sign can sometimes seem a little affected when interacting with others. “Libra is ruled by Venus, so you can sometimes see Libra exaggerating their sense of glamour,” says Marquardt. This can be done by buying expensive jewelry or clothes and talking about your purchases constantly or putting on airs. Expect Libras to be charming and attractive, but a little superficial.

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Leos think they are the kings and queens of the jungle. Though unlike Libras, they don’t show off with material items. Instead, they believe they are the boss and aren’t afraid to let you know! “Leo thrives on outperforming everyone else, and they don’t have to do much to make that happen,” says Marquardt.

Like Aries, Leos are lucky and can succeed without even trying. “Deep down, Leo knows they have a special gift to share with the world,” adds Marquardt. “But if they exert their creative abilities too strongly, their pretentious energy can easily overshadow their natural brilliance.”

Capricorns are focused on being mega-successful in life and work. Once they achieve their goals, they show off with expensive items. “Capricorn is easily the most pretentious sign because they chase after status symbols in every way possible, whether it’s hoarding a lot of money, buying an expensive purse or car, or working in a position of power in their career,” says Marquardt. Caps may seem haughty, but they work harder than many other signs and may deserve to flaunt their wealth.

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