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There is nothing more intimate than a kiss. From the first time you kiss a partner to the moment you say “yes”, a person’s kissing style says a lot about them and how they feel about you. As with everything in life, everyone has a different kissing preference – and some of us just aren’t compatible. If you’re wondering if you’ll like the way your crush kisses, or if you’re curious about how you behave, you might want to look to the stars for answers. It turns out that your zodiac sign corresponds to a distinct kissing style. Read on to find out what astrologers have to say about the way you lock your lips.

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Aries are great leaders and initiators, which makes you the most advanced partner when it comes to initiating intimacy. As a fire sign, you tend to live and act in the moment, so you can catch your partner off guard with your bold, direct approach to make-out sessions.

However, there is no denying its ability. As the sign ruled by Mars, the planet that rules passion, you certainly know how to turn up the heat. When it comes to kissing, Aries is hot, heavy, and passionate, with a lot of tongue activity. You are intense.

Taurus has a reputation for being a little serious, but you’re a totally different person when it comes to matters of the heart. You are incredibly sensual and love to take your time with everything – and kissing is no different.

As the sign ruled by the planet of love and beauty, your Venusian energy makes you an extremely generous lover. Instead of rushing things, you like to go from soft, sweet kisses to passionate hugs and long lips. You prefer slow, passionate, decadent make-out sessions with lots of caressing.

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You love being spontaneous in your make out, Gemini. You’re a social butterfly known for your gift of speech and language skills, so it’s safe to assume you know how to work your mouth.

“Gemini kisses are quick and punctuated with in-between-kiss conversation pieces that lead to a big kiss.” it says astrologer Lisa Barretta. You prefer to play hard to get at first, but if your partner can keep up with your sharp wits, you’ll both have an all-night laugh-filled kissing session.

You are very sensitive when you kiss, Cancer. There’s a lot of nourishing emotion in your sweet, tender kisses. As the emotional moon-ruled sign, you’re sentimental by nature, so it makes sense that you can’t help but kiss in a way that fully reflects your feelings.

You are a dreamy, gentle kisser who slowly builds up the tension and likes to end it with a long cuddle session. Eye contact with your partner is a definite must, as are sweeping, romantic, long, deep kisses. Your ideal kiss will make you feel like you’re in a fairy tale.

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Leos are dramatic kissers. As a fire sign, you are bold, courageous, and romantic in your love life; everything you do is full of passion. Leo is also a very proud sign, so you always try to please him with your kisses.

Since Leos love to be in the spotlight, you have no problem putting on a show for your partner. You give the kind of kiss that makes people see fireworks and leaves others wanting more. And when it comes to PDAs, you love a public make-out session to show off your latest arm candy.

Virgos are great kissers because you are naturally sensual and incredibly considerate. Your kisses are practical and sincere. As an earth sign, you enjoy making your partner feel safe in your arms during a makeout.

Virgos are extremely selfless and love to serve others, which makes them excellent at reading their partner’s body language. When it comes to your kissing style, you’re slow and steady – and always pay attention to every detail.

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Libra is a very romantic and generous kisser. Ruled by Venus, the planet of romance and beauty, you live for romance. Libras have many admirers, probably because you are full of energy, charisma, and charm.

You also need constant excitement in your life. Libras are always on the lookout for new emotions, so you like to change things up. You’re not the type to shy away from a variety of kissing styles and love experimenting. Libra’s kissing style tends to be very erotic, with lots of passion, face caresses and lots of tongue action.

You are a smooth operator, Scorpio. Kissing a Scorpio is a passionate affair – you’re the type to attack your partner with kisses and make deep, penetrating eye contact. Scorpios are intense and emotional lovers, and their kissing style is no different.

“Scorpio is the scorched earth when it comes to kissing. Lots of sensitive hand action that syncs with breath-taking, lingering kisses,” says Barretta. Her kisses are filled with deep passion and have a way of making your partner feel incredibly special.

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Sagittarius displays some of their hottest kissing moves; spontaneity and intensity are his specialty. Sagittarius is also known to be the most exciting and grateful lover, so it’s safe to say you know how to keep things fun with your partner. You are a free spirit who radiates good vibes and as such you don’t take yourself too seriously.

When it comes to make-out sessions, you like to start with sweet, light kisses that gradually become deeper and more passionate. Your approach to romance is similar to your approach to life: you aim for what you want and always go after it.

Capricorns are always striving to be the best at everything, so the perfect kiss is always on their wish list. Capricorns are strategic kissers: you need the right scenario and the right intentions to make the moment count.

Being an earth sign, you are a very sensual person who knows how to take charge of any situation. His kisses are slow, deliberate and surprisingly powerful. And while kissing might not be something most zodiac signs take very seriously, Capricorns don’t play affection lightly – you’re a deeply loyal partner.

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You’re not necessarily known for your affectionate nature, Aquarius, but that doesn’t mean you don’t know how to turn on the charm. Aquarius loves to feel the tension that develops when passion develops from mutual obsession; you are a sensual kisser who is not afraid to get a little wild. You like to take things to the extreme and give electrifying kisses.

Kissing an Aquarius is an otherworldly experience compared to other signs. It’s unpredictable, creative, romantic and unique. And one thing is for sure: the experience is always a little different.

When it comes to romance, no one knows how to set the mood like a Pisces. Dreamy and romantic, you love to express your feelings through your kisses. Pisces are very intuitive, so the moment you start kissing your partner, you’ll know exactly what they like and what they don’t.

“Pisces kisses can provide an out-of-body experience. Pisces are passionate, gentle, romantic and seem to be peppered with a little magic,” says Barretta. “One of the best kissers to try at least once in your life.”

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